Ant Activities for Preschoolers

Doing an ant theme unit for homeschool? Then I’ve got all the ant theme preschool activities you need to make your ant theme fun and enjoyable for your child. These ant activities for preschoolers and young children are sure to be a big hit as you learn about ants.

Ant Activities for Preschoolers

Ant Theme Preschool Activities

My five year old has recently been very vocal about making requests for our next weekly homeschool units. And it’s been fun because he’s choosing some great topics. First he asked about doing a cat theme week so I rounded up a bunch of cat themed books and put together a lot of great cat activities to enjoy while learning.

Now he’s requested an ant theme unit because now that summer is approaching we’ve started seeing some ants around our house and he’s curious about them. While I dislike having ants in the house, I do love this kind of learning! This is what homeschool is about to me, embracing my child’s interests in order to seize those opportunities for learning and growth. It’s so much fun.

So here are all of the awesome ant activities for preschoolers that I came across as I was doing my own homeschool planning. I hope you enjoy doing a few of these for your own ant unit as well.


Ant Activities for Preschoolers

Now for the ant theme preschool activities! Fire up your printer and get your laminator ready because I’ve rounded up some really adorable and fun ant activities that your family is going to love and learn so much from. Enjoy!

1. Let’s start with some scissor practice. This simple trail of ants scissor practice activity will be so much fun for your preschooler while they practice a valuable fine motor skill. Little Family Fun

2. Give your preschooler the opportunity to practice their letter recognition with this adorable ant farm letter matching activity. It’s a great way to learn letters while staying on theme. Turner Tots

3. Roll up your sleeves and give your child the chance to build their own ant hill for plastic ants with this simple and fun ant sensory bin that uses kinetic sand. Kinetic sand is perfect for this kind of activity because it will form a really neat ant hill that will hold its shape. 3 Dinosaurs

4. Have a board game night with this fun STEM building game, Engineering Ants. It’s a cooperative game to help teach team work and working together in a way that ants do too. Peaceable Kingdom

5. Learn about the ant life cycle with these free ant life cycle printables. Pick up some ant life cycle figurines (we have these ones) to use with this and it will really kick these printables up a notch. 1Plus1Plus1Equals1

6. Get messy while having your preschooler exercise those fine motor skills with this simple and fun counting ants fine motor sensory activity. Easy setup and loads of fun. Stir the Wonder

7. While making ants on a log for snack time is an old past time, this fun little step-by-step ants on a log snack instructional page can help your preschooler learn how to participate in helping to make their own ant snack.

8. You and your preschooler will have loads of fun putting together this ants at a picnic craft. Even your older kids will enjoy putting this one together with you. Just be sure to pick up a couple of food magazines that they can browse through for good picnic food. I Heart Crafty Things

9. Put together several of these adorable and easy ant puppets and then have an ant puppet show with your preschooler. Toddler Approved

10. Review your preschooler’s colors with them as they have a ball with these oh-so-cute and colorful dot marker ant pages. And don’t forget, there are so many ways you can use dot pages if you don’t have dot markers on hand. Mrs. Plemons’ Kindergarten

11. If you have a preschooler whose already doing simple adding and subtracting or have a kindergartner who wants to participate, this fun ants on a log tray activity will be a lot of fun for them while teaching them about simple math. No Time for Flashcards

12. Print out these adorable ant placements and laminate them to use for your preschooler’s placement for snacks and lunch during your ant theme preschool week. These also come with some other fun games you can use the placements to play too. Monae’s Speech House

13. Help these little ants find the food in the ant farm with these clever and cute ant farm mazes. Great for pre-writing practice and building logic and reasoning skills. Tot Schooling

14. Get crafty with this easy and fun egg carton ant craft. Your preschooler will love seeing their very own ant come to life as they put this one together. Ducks n a Row

15. Let your preschooler get up close and personal with how hard ants work to collect food. You’ll want to take this simple yet incredible A is for ant science experiment outside. But all you need is some honey and a spot in your yard with willing and able ants. To Be A Kid Again

16. Make learning the parts of an ant fun and practice some number recognition with this great printable body parts of an ant game. Squizzel Box

17. Take your preschooler on a pretend picnic as these cute little ants help them to learn their letters with this adorable alphabet ants letter formation activity. Life Over C’s

18. Help your preschooler practice their scissors skills as they help these sweet little ants get back to their ant hill with this free ants go walking cutting practice activity. KidSparkz

19. This cute a is for ant craft has all the things preschoolers love: googly eyes, painting, and even crumpled up tissue paper. They’ll be in craft heaven as they put together their own little ants. Create With Carol

20. Pull out a kid favorite and let your child’s imagination run free with this clever play dough invitation with ants. Stir The Wonder

21. If you love to do Montessori inspired trays then you’ll really love this roundup of Montessori inspired ant activities and printables that you can put together for your ant theme preschool shelf. Living Montessori Now

22. Re-enforce how the letter A looks with this cute and fun letter A is for ant letter formation craft. Supply Me

23. Pick yourself up some plastic ants and play this fun and simple ant-inspired basic subtraction math activity with your preschooler or kindergartner. Pre-Kinders

24. Practice simple patterning needed for kindergarten with these fun ant pattern strips. They include 84 different ant pattern strips to practice all kinds of patterns like AB, AAB, ABB, ABC, ABCD, AABB and ABAC. Frogs and Fairies

25. Print out this simple four piece ant puzzle from this set of free insect puzzles that match alongside the Safari Insects TOOB. Pinay Homeschooler Shop

26. This ant printable worksheets pack would be a great compliment to your ant theme preschool week. With 60 ant activities focused on essential preschool skills you’re sure to find something your preschooler will love. Gift of Curiosity

27. If your preschooler is already playing with LEGOS (my five year old is obsessed with them right now! lol) then they will love this LEGO ant life cycle activity idea. And if they aren’t ready for LEGOS then you might be able to replicate this with Duplos too. Stir the Wonder

28. Throw a little math into your ant unit and give your preschooler some counting practice with this cute and simple counting ants printable activity. Mrs. Jones Creation Station

29. This ant farm fine motor activity is really easy to put together and you probably already have all the supplies on hand. Plus it’s a great exercise for those little pincher grasps. The Inspired Treehouse

30. Put together an enticing ant science table for your preschooler to learn and explore everything there is to know about ants. Pocket of Preschool

31. This page has all sorts of great A is for ant activities that you can print out including ant themed printables to help re-enforce essential skills like size sorting, shape matching, and more. Confessions of a Homeschooler 

32. This funny ants in your pants craft is adorable to make and will have your preschooler laughing the whole time as they add ants to the pants with their little fingers. The Blooming Mind

33. Entertain and amuse your little preschooler with this adorable walking ant craft. Includes a template to make it easy to make. They’ll love watching this little guy bounce around. Kid’s Craft Room

34. Help your little one to practice their pre-writing skills as they help these little ants find food with these free ant mazes ranging in skill level depending on the age and level of your child. Gift of Curiosity

35. Give some ants a taste of some sweet colored sugar water and let your preschooler watch in fascination as their abdomens turn colors with this amazing colorful ant science experiment. Life With Moore Babies

36. Practice some basic preschool math as you and your preschooler have fun with this clever ant hill counting game. The first one to the end wins. Ducks N A Row

37. Your preschooler will absolutely love painting, gluing, and using pipe cleaners to make their own adorable ant out of a spoon with this spoon ant craft. 123Homeschool4Me

38. To round out your ant theme preschool unit here are some ant theme activities and printables great for preschoolers and kindergartners. KidSparkz 

39. Teach your toddler about counting while playing this fun little counting ants printable game. They’ll love counting all the ants eating your pretend food at your pretend picnic. Glued to My Crafts Blog

40. No ant theme preschool activities list would be complete without an ant farm! And while there are a lot of great ones on the market, here is a great DIY ant farm option you could try on the cheap too. Rule This Roost


Know of any other good ant theme preschool activities?

Be sure to share any other ant activities for preschoolers, toddlers, and even older children. I’d love to hear what you and your children have enjoyed doing during your ant unit. Drop a comment below to share! 🙂