Free Letter A Printable Do a Dot Pages

If you’re in need of a fun letter A printable for your letter of the week program then you’re in luck. I have a set of letter A free printable do a dot pages for you! These letter A do a dot printable pages come in eight variations including uppercase, lowercase, color, black and white, tracing, and no tracing.

Read on for some fun ideas on how to use these letter A printable dot worksheets and then you can scroll to the bottom of the post to grab them for yourself.

Free Letter A Printable Do a Dot Pages

Letter A Do a Dot Printable Pages

Learning letter recognition and formation is an essential preschool skill children need master. And do a dot pages are a great activity that you can do with them to help them to learn what their letters look like and even how they sound if you talk to them about the letter and it’s sounds as you do the worksheet with them.

But these pages aren’t just for dot markers. While those are fun to use, and I’ll even show you how awesome these A is for Apple worksheets look with them below, it can also be fun for your preschooler to mix it up a bit and give them other ways to form and explore the letter A.

Let’s have a look at just a few of the many ways that you can use these letter A do a dot printable pages with your child.

Letter A Printable With Do a Dot Markers

First let’s start with the most obvious. These pages are wonderful to use with do a dot markers. The dots are the perfect size and using dot markers gives your child the opportunity to form the letter, use their fine motor skills, and have a little fun painting in the process.

I also love that dot markers come in so many wonderful colors that you can utilize with these pages. The ones pictured here are some of my favorites (the rainbow dot markers by Do-a-Dot brand). But they also come in lots of other colors like ultra bright, brilliant, and even shimmery. And if you want to branch out to other brands there are a lot of great options too like these, these, or these.

Letter A Printable With Dot Stickers

Another great (and less messy) alternative to dot markers are dot stickers. These are also just the right size (the 3/4″ ones) and come in a lot of different colors. I personally like these ones or these ones. I have both of these sets of color coding circles because there’s a few different color variations between them and they’re both great. They even come with a handy pouch to keep them in.

If you want to expand on this activity even further then print out the black and white version with the handwriting practice area. Then your preschooler can not only fill in the dots, but work on coloring in the page (I love these triangular crayons for promoting pincher grasp) and tracing the letters (I prefer to do the tracing with markers or pencils rather than crayons). Great practice! I’ll tell you, it’s a challenge to color around the circles even for an adult, so it would be great fine motor practice for them too.

Letter A Printable With Pom Poms

This A is for Apple printable was just BEGGING to be used with pom poms. Because they look like little apples! Picking up and placing the pom poms is a great fine motor activity as they learn about the letter A formation. Also if after you’ve printed out your letter A printable dot pages you stick them in a dry erase pocket (or laminate them) then you can even have them do a little writing practice with dry erase markers too.

Letter A Printable With Round Magnets

Another great way that you can use these letter A printable dot pages is with round magnets. Boy do kids love magnets! They are super fascinated with them. And using these has the same effect as any of the other ways you can use these dot pages. It allows them to get familiar with the shape and look of the letter A while promoting good fine motor skills. I like to use these magnets because they come in a lot of great colors and are just the right size.

Download Your Letter A Free Printable Do a Dot Pages

So now you know that you can use these fun letter A printable dot pages for more than just do a dot markers! There are so many fun ways that you can use them as you teach your child to recognize the letter A.

To grab your letter A do a dot printable pages just click the button below. Then print, laminate (or use them in dry erase pockets) and have fun!

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If you need more ideas for teaching the letter A, then be sure to check out my other letter A resources and printables here too.

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