Free Letter K Printable Do a Dot Pages

Today I have a free letter K printable for you! It’s a super cute K is for kite do a dot printable. But it’s not just one page, but eight variations to choose from including uppercase and lowercase, color and black and white, and I’ve also thrown in some versions with tracing letters for your preschooler or kindergartner who is working on their handwriting.

Free Letter K Printable Do a Dot Pages

Letter K Free Printable Do a Dot Pages

You may think that these letter K do a dot printables are only good for one thing — do a dot markers. And you would be right that they are great to use dab markers and bingo daubers with. But that’s not the only way they can be used. In fact, they are quite versatile and can be used for a wide variety of activities. Below I’m going to highlight a few different ways that you can use the pages, but honestly the possibilities are so vast.

As you consider how you can make the letter K do a dot pages more fun for your little one just consider how they can use the pages to help with letter recognition, fine motor skills, and one-to-one correspondence.

Letter K Printable With Do-a-Dot Markers

The first (and most obvious) way that you can use your letter K free printable do a dot pages is to simply use them with do-a-dot markers (these are my favorites). Even though it’s so simple and easy, kids love to do it. It’s fun for them, it’s a fairly easy clean up (most of the time) and it’s a great exercise in motor control and one-to-one correspondence. You can’t go wrong.

Letter K Do a Dot Printable With Paint and Colored Pencils

If your preschooler is bored of do-a-dot markets or you just want to mix it up then you can always use the letter K do a dot printable in other ways! The first alternative I want to show you is an option to use craft paint or washable paint with q-tips with your letter K printable. If you print out the black and white version then you can even add on to the activity by having your child also color the page with colored pencils, crayons, or whatever they prefer.

Letter K Do a Dot Page With Mini Jingle Bells

Another fun thing you can do with this letter K do a dot printable is to have your child place small jingle bells onto each dot. I found these adorable colored mini jingle bells here. This is great for practicing fine motor skills, color matching, and one-to-one correspondence. Plus kids love the sounds they make!

Letter K Printable With Counting Chips

There are a lot of different ways you can use these printable do a dot pages. But the last way I want to show how you can the letter K printable today is with counting chips (also called bingo chips). These ones are the perfect diameter and come in lots of fun colors. Another great one for practicing those fine motor skills and one-to-one.

Grab Your Letter K Free Printable Do a Dot Pages

I hope you and your preschooler enjoy this K is for Kite printable! Ready to try out the letter K printable dot pages with your preschooler? You have a lot of great ideas on how to use them (beyond just do-a-dot markers) so let’s get started. Click the button below to download the dot pages, print them out, laminate (if desired), and enjoy!

To get your free printable, CLICK HERE

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