Frog Activities for Preschool

Frog Activities for Preschool

Here I have rounded up over 45 frog activities for preschool, kindergarten, and other young children that will make your frog theme unit for homeschool so much fun while being educational at the same time.

Frog Activities for Preschool

Frog Theme Unit Homeschool Ideas

Are you doing a frog theme with your child for homeschool? They can be so much fun! Especially when you pair some cute and educational frog books with these fun frog activities for preschool.

I’ve also included some great frog activities for other young elementary children too. You and your child are going to have a great time learning about frogs with these frog games, printables, and activities for kids.

Frog Activities for Preschool and Young Kids

Let’s get to the list! I’ve rounded up a wide variety of frog activities that will go great with any frog theme.

These activities include things to help learn about literacy, writing, sensory, math, essential preschool skills, fine motor skills, and gross motor frog games for kids.

There are worksheets, activities, games, and more here for you to choose from. You’re sure to find something here you and your child will love.

1. Learn about where frogs live while exploring through sensory play with this fun and colorful frog pond habitat sensory bin. Life Over C’s

2. Teach your preschooler about their letters, numbers and shapes in a froggy fun way with this adorable pond frogs activity bundle. Laughing and Learning

3. Forget painting with a paintbrush, let your kiddo have some extra fun painting with these clever and messy golf ball painted frog puppets. Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

4. Act like frogs in search of their dinner with this clever sticky frog tongue craft. Kids Activities Blog

5. Let your preschooler practice their writing while down at the pond with this frog letter writing practice tray. Mrs. Plemons’ Kindergarten

6. Take a snack break while learning about the frog life cycle with this edible frog life cycle snack. Teach Beside Me

7. Teach math, literacy, and writing with fun frog activities in this pond preschool pack. Busy Hands and Minds

8. Enhance your preschooler’s play dough play by inviting them to learn about frogs as they play with these frog pond play dough printables. Life Over C’s

9. If you need some good worksheets to go along with your frog theme week for your preschooler, then these pond printables for preschool are a great addition to your frog unit. Free Homeschool Deals

10. Let your preschooler enjoy some sensory play as they learn about frogs with this fun and engaging frog life cycle water bead sensory bin. Views From a Step Stool

11. Teach your child about graphing and visual discrimination in a fun way with this frog race graphing game. Simple Fun for Kids

12. Mix together a little bit of science, a dash of sensory play and even a pinch of art as you make these slime lily pads for your toy frogs. The Kindergarten Connection

13. Invite your preschooler to the world of slimy green frogs with this frog sensory play invitation tray. Let their imaginations run wild. Teaching Mama

14. Teach your child valuable math and literacy skills while staying within the frog theme with these clever and fun pond life math & literacy printables. Karen Cox

15. Practice uppercase and lowercase letter recognition with this adorable frogs and flies alphabet match game. The Classroom Creative

16. Get crafty as you do this simple and clever frog footprints sponge painting with your preschooler.

17. Give your child the opportunity to practice number recognition in multiple representations while exercising their one-to-one correspondence with this frog roll and cover game. Preschool Play

18. Learn about the life cycle of a frog in a tasty and colorful way with this life cycle of a frog craft activity. The Inspiration Edit

19. Teach your preschooler about shapes, practice some early reading and work on the fine motor skill of coloring in the lines with this color by shape frog worksheet. Mrs. Plemons’ Kindergarten

20. Here’s another fun way to teach your child about the life cycle of a frog. If they love puzzles then they will have so much fun with this 5 layer life cycle of a frog Montessori inspired puzzle. Onshine

21. Help your little one get some wiggles out while learning about measuring with this frog jump and measure gross motor math activity. Coffee Cups and Crayons

22. Practice counting in a fun way with this frog themed frog eggs counting activity. Planning Playtime

23. Get messy, sticky, and green with this gelatin swamp sensory tub play activity. Rescue the swamp animals from the goo! No Time for Flashcards

24. If your preschooler loves LEGO Duplos then they will have a ball doing this LEGO Duplo frog build with you. Frugal Fun 4 Boys

25. Round out your frog theme preschool unit with this fun selection of frog theme activities and free printables including songs, rhymes, and activity packs. KidSparkz

26. Teach your child about math and comparing numbers with this unique and adorable frog balance math game. Inpher

27. Inspire creativity and imaginative play with this versatile and fun frog pond play dough activity. Pre-K Pages

28. Review the frog life cycle while assembling this cute frog life cycle printable puzzle with your preschooler. Views From a Step Stool

29. Help your child practice the skill of following directions while also learning about positional words with this cute “Where’s Froggy?” positional concepts activity. Speech Sprouts Therapy

30. Teach your preschooler about patterning while staying on frog theme with these cute frog patterns math worksheets. Paula’s Primary Classroom

31. Practice valuable fine motor skills with this simple and yet always-a-hit feed the frog fine motor activity. Therapy Fun Zone

32. Measure how high the frogs are jumping using Unifix cubes with this frog jump measurement activity. Planning Playtime

33. Teach your preschooler about their shapes, help them practice their pre-writing skills, and giggle over this frog I spy a shape game. Pocket of Preschool

34. Help your child learn about their colors as they help these frogs find their lunch with this color matching frogs game. The Kindergarten Connection

35. If you have an older child who is doing the frog unit with you or your preschooler is advanced at math, then this lily pad math subtraction activity will be a fun addition to your frog theme. No Time for Flashcards

36. Pick up some frog life cycle figurines and use them with these frog life cycle 3-part cards with definitions to help teach your child about the life cycle of frogs. Montessori 123

37. Teach your little early reader about blending with this cute and fun frog hop phonics blending game. Rainy Day Mum

38. Help your preschooler to practice following directions while learning about positional words with this prepositions where questions game. Speech Sprouts

39. Practice counting while getting out some energy and acting like frogs with this simple yet fun lily pad number hop activity. Toddler Approved

40. Work on those valuable pre-writing skills while helping these froggy friends get to their destination with this fun spring frogs tracing activity. Fluffy Tots

41. If your child is old enough to do LEGOS then this adorable LEGO frog build will be a lot of fun for them to do during your frog theme unit. Re-brick-able

42. Help your preschooler practice their shapes with these cute frog shaped lily pad matching game shape mats. File Folder Heaven

43. Teach your child about addition in a fun and interactive way with this frogs n’ flies spin and add game. Preschool Play

44. Practice another essential preschool skill gone froggy with this simple and interactive frog color sort activity. Child Care Land

45. Practice counting with your preschooler with this versatile and fun frog lily pad counting activity. Early Learning Ideas

46. Have fun and exercise some gross motor skills with this creative frog toss game for kids. Little Family Fun

47. Teach your child how to see shapes in real life with this educational and colorful frogs in the pond shape match activity. Frogs and Fairies

48. Finish out your frog theme week with this super fun and adorable frog pond sensory bin that your little one is sure to enjoy! Pre-K Pages

Enjoy These Frog Activities and Games for Kids!

To put together your own frog unit, simply round up the frog activities you want to use with in your frog theme and then pick up a variety of fiction and non-fiction frog picture books to go along with them.

By doing this you’ll have put together a really fun and educational frog theme for your child’s homeschool. Enjoy!

Did I miss any other great frog activities for preschool? Be sure to share your favorites in the comments below.

Human Body Preschool Activities

Human Body Preschool Activities

Putting together a human body theme for preschoolers can be so much fun! With the help of these awesome human body preschool activities your child will be practicing vital preschool skills as you both have a blast learning about our amazing bodies alongside each other.

Human Body Preschool Activities

My Body Science Activities for Preschoolers

There are a lot of great science topics that are so much fun for preschoolers, but probably one of the most fun ones you could do is a human body theme for preschoolers. Learning about how our bodies work and how to take care of them is fascinating no matter what age you are.

As you plan out your human body unit be sure to also include some great books about the human body (both fiction and non-fiction) and plan out some fun crafts and activities that your child will have fun doing. Most of these activities are great for preschoolers, but I’ve also included many that older children will also love too.


Human Body Preschool Activities

So let’s get to the list of activities that will help your child to learn about the human body as they are playing and having fun. Here I’ve roundup up 48 activities about the human body for you to do with your child. Enjoy!

1. I gotta start with Squishy! If you haven’t heard of Squishy, you’re really missing out. This is a very detailed movable model of the parts of the human body. While it’s intended for older children, it’s a really fun and interesting learning tool even for younger children as long as they are supervised. SmartLab

2. Demonstrate how the heart pumps blood to the rest of the body in a super fun way with this heart pumping science experiment using a glass jar, red balloon, straws, and red colored water. Forgetful Momma

3. Match body parts, sort the five senses, do a brain maze, and more with these fun human body worksheets that will pair perfectly with any human body theme for preschoolers. Itsy Bitsy Fun

4. Teach your child about the human anatomy in a Montessori friendly way with these ideas for how to use these incredible and detailed human organ models including how to use models for the heart, brain, eyes, and more. Pinay Homeschooler


5. Practice letter formation with red and white glass gems that represent our red and white blood cells with these red and white blood cell letter formation cards. Pocket of Preschool

6. Explore how the human spine flexes and moves with this simple yet fascinating spinal cord from an egg carton craft. You probably have all of these materials on hand too. Simple Living Creative Learning

7. Paper dolls are always fun for kids. But these anatomy printable dress up dolls are a creative way to play with paper dolls that also gives kids the opportunity to learn about the human body. Adventure in a Box

8. Pick up some double sided tape and your kids will have a blast labeling the parts of their own body with this body parts labeling activity for preschoolers. Mrs. Plemons’ Kindergarten


9. Your child will be absolutely fascinated making a stethoscope and then being able to listen to their own heart with this fun DIY stethoscope activity. Fantastic Fun and Learning

10. Practice the skill of sorting with your preschooler as they learn about what each of their senses with this printable five senses sorting activity. The STEM Laboratory

11. Teach your preschooler about their body parts as they play with play dough with this fun head, shoulders, knees, and toes play dough mat game. Powerful Mothering

12. Learn about how the human lungs inflate and deflate as you breathe with this easy and fun kid friendly paper bag lungs science experiment. Even the youngest child will love this one! A Mom’s Take


13. Pick yourself up a cheap light box and you can put together this incredible x-ray light table letter writing tray. You can find black sand here or use black sprinkles for some extra tasty fun. Mrs. Plemons’ Kindergarten

14. This magnetic wooden human body dress up style doll is lots of fun for kids while giving you the opportunity to teach your preschooler about the systems of the human body. Melissa & Doug

15. Teach your preschooler about the parts of the human body with these self-correcting human body matching game puzzles. It comes in a couple different levels of difficulty and will be lots of fun for them. Kiddy Charts

16. Help your little one to better understand why we have bones with this educational and fun why do we have bones activity with play dough and straws. Keeping My Kiddos Busy


17. Give your child a hands-on look at exactly how our muscles work with this how muscles work science demonstration. They will be absolutely fascinated by this one. Sylvan Learning

18. Here is another great use for that light box from earlier. You can get real life human x-rays for your child to explore. Put them on top of the light box for an even more authentic experience. Roylco

19. Teach your child about the parts of the blood while they enjoy a wonderful sensory experience with this blood part sorting activity. Mrs. Plemons’ Kindergarten

20. This easy to put together health sensory bin will be really fun for your preschooler to enjoy. Keep it out all week long as you work through your human body theme so they can come back to it anytime. Pocket of Preschool


21. Pretend that a baby doll has a broken arm or leg and then play doctor by putting a cast on the doll with this cool plaster cloth wrap! You might want to pick up a cheap baby doll from the thrift store or a garage sale for this one so you don’t ruin a favorite. Simple Living Creative Learning

22. Have fun learning about the human skeleton while putting together this adorable my skeleton craft using q-tips and a picture of your child to personalize it. Mrs. Plemons’ Kindergarten

23. Help your child practice the skill of matching while getting a more hands-on look at the human organs by picking up the Safari Human Organs TOOB and these printable Human Organs TOOB matching cards to match them with. Iowa Homeschool Mom

24. Explore the handiest part of our bodies with The Hand Book. This is a fun hands-on book that includes a life-size 22 piece skeleton hand that you can put together with your child. Klutz


25. Break out the playdoh and get creative with this invitation to play X-ray play dough tray. So much fun and so many great possibilities with this one. Pocket of Preschool

26. Pick up this really cool foam skeleton floor puzzle and after you put it together with your preschooler have them label the parts of the skeleton with these handy parts of a skeleton nomenclature cards. Learning Resources // The Helpful Garden

27. Teach your child about our lungs and how they work with this really neat fake lung science demonstration. Science Sparks

28. Explore the various human body systems with these really cute and detailed human body systems printables that allow your child to build up and layer each of the systems for more visual learners. 123 Kids Fun


29. Count bones, explore red blood cells, make x-writing writings, graph healthy food, and more with this human body printable preschool pack with 25 different fun human body preschool activiites. Busy Hands and Minds

30. During the month of October you might be able to find some Cheetos Bag of Bones and if you do, then you’ll definitely want to try out these adorable bag of bones free printable activities that will make food fun and educational. Sharing Kindergarten

31. Teach your child about how the muscular system works with this visual and fun muscular system craft that they can help you put together. Living Life and Learning

32. This adorable and fun human anatomy matching game will help your preschooler learn about their body parts while also teaching them about the wonderful Creator who made them. Arrows and Applesauce


33. Help your child do this easy science experiment that will demonstrate how the stomach digests food. It’s easy to put together and is one of the many activities you can find in the Human Body Activity Book for Kids. Gift of Curiosity

34. Story stones can be really cool to use in your teaching. There are a lot of great ways to use them and these beautiful human anatomy story stones are sure to bring your child’s imagination to life. Magic Stones Art Shop

35. Roll and build a potato head as you learn about body parts, match shape band aids to boo-boos, learn brainy letters, and more with these human body theme my body preschool activities that will help teach letters, numbers, shapes, and more. Sandbox Academy

36. These awesome human body play dough mats will be really fun for kids of all ages. Younger children will make more simple models of the human body systems while older children can get more detailed. 123 Homeschool 4 Me


37. Explore the brain as you play with these 5 fun ways to play brain surgeon messy play ideas including playing with slime, ice, play dough and more. Left Brain Craft Brain

38. These awesome life size printable human organs are so cool and educational. Draw an outline of your child’s body and place them in the right places so they can see how things look inside their bodies. Adventure in a Box

39. This adorable human body felt board set is a great way tool for teaching about the human body, organs, and skeleton. There are a lot of great ways that you can use this felt set. Mama Frog Stories

40. Improve literacy and have fun while playing this body parts bingo game. Make it even more fun by using these fun little teeth shaped mini erasers for bingo chips. Marcelle’s KG Zone


41. Break out your Safari TOOB Human Organs again, but this time make it a game with this human organs find and match game using red water beads and the free printable provided. Simply Learning Kids

42. These beautiful human body worksheets are great for building vocabulary and writing skills. They include cards, tracing pages, writing pages, and more. Simple Everyday Mom

43. Show your child what’s inside a drop of blood with this awesomely visual what’s inside a drop of blood science experiment using pantry items from your kitchen. Creekside Learning

44. Give your child a look inside their bodies with this really cool life size printable skeleton. Draw an outline of your child’s body on black paper and have them help you build their skeleton on top. Adventure in a Box


45. Have fun playing play dough with your preschooler while you teach them about the brain with this fun make a model brain with play dough activity. Science Sparks

46. Round out your human body theme with some of these fun and educational human body organ printables. Tot Schooling

47. Allow your child to have some sensory play while they learn about our blood with this what is blood made of sensory bin activity. I Can Teach My Child

48. Pick up a copy of Bones by Steve Jenkins and read along as you make your own skeleton hands with this simple DIY skeleton hand fine motor activity and read along. Powerful Mothering


Create an Awesome Human Body Theme for Preschoolers and Young Kids!

If you’re working on creating a human body theme for preschoolers or another young elementary child then be sure to also grab some of my recommended human body books for kids, then round up your favorites from these human body preschool activities. And you’ll have put together an amazing human body theme unit for your child! Have fun! And be sure to share any other great ideas that you have for this theme in the comments below.

Ant Activities for Preschoolers

Ant Activities for Preschoolers

Doing an ant theme unit for homeschool? Then I’ve got all the ant theme preschool activities you need to make your ant theme fun and enjoyable for your child. These ant activities for preschoolers and young children are sure to be a big hit as you learn about ants.

Ant Activities for Preschoolers

Ant Theme Preschool Activities

My five year old has recently been very vocal about making requests for our next weekly homeschool units. And it’s been fun because he’s choosing some great topics. First he asked about doing a cat theme week so I rounded up a bunch of cat themed books and put together a lot of great cat activities to enjoy while learning.

Now he’s requested an ant theme unit because now that summer is approaching we’ve started seeing some ants around our house and he’s curious about them. While I dislike having ants in the house, I do love this kind of learning! This is what homeschool is about to me, embracing my child’s interests in order to seize those opportunities for learning and growth. It’s so much fun.

So here are all of the awesome ant activities for preschoolers that I came across as I was doing my own homeschool planning. I hope you enjoy doing a few of these for your own ant unit as well.


Ant Activities for Preschoolers

Now for the ant theme preschool activities! Fire up your printer and get your laminator ready because I’ve rounded up some really adorable and fun ant activities that your family is going to love and learn so much from. Enjoy!

1. Let’s start with some scissor practice. This simple trail of ants scissor practice activity will be so much fun for your preschooler while they practice a valuable fine motor skill. Little Family Fun

2. Give your preschooler the opportunity to practice their letter recognition with this adorable ant farm letter matching activity. It’s a great way to learn letters while staying on theme. Turner Tots

3. Roll up your sleeves and give your child the chance to build their own ant hill for plastic ants with this simple and fun ant sensory bin that uses kinetic sand. Kinetic sand is perfect for this kind of activity because it will form a really neat ant hill that will hold its shape. 3 Dinosaurs

4. Have a board game night with this fun STEM building game, Engineering Ants. It’s a cooperative game to help teach team work and working together in a way that ants do too. Peaceable Kingdom

5. Learn about the ant life cycle with these free ant life cycle printables. Pick up some ant life cycle figurines (we have these ones) to use with this and it will really kick these printables up a notch. 1Plus1Plus1Equals1

6. Get messy while having your preschooler exercise those fine motor skills with this simple and fun counting ants fine motor sensory activity. Easy setup and loads of fun. Stir the Wonder

7. While making ants on a log for snack time is an old past time, this fun little step-by-step ants on a log snack instructional page can help your preschooler learn how to participate in helping to make their own ant snack.

8. You and your preschooler will have loads of fun putting together this ants at a picnic craft. Even your older kids will enjoy putting this one together with you. Just be sure to pick up a couple of food magazines that they can browse through for good picnic food. I Heart Crafty Things

9. Put together several of these adorable and easy ant puppets and then have an ant puppet show with your preschooler. Toddler Approved

10. Review your preschooler’s colors with them as they have a ball with these oh-so-cute and colorful dot marker ant pages. And don’t forget, there are so many ways you can use dot pages if you don’t have dot markers on hand. Mrs. Plemons’ Kindergarten

11. If you have a preschooler whose already doing simple adding and subtracting or have a kindergartner who wants to participate, this fun ants on a log tray activity will be a lot of fun for them while teaching them about simple math. No Time for Flashcards

12. Print out these adorable ant placements and laminate them to use for your preschooler’s placement for snacks and lunch during your ant theme preschool week. These also come with some other fun games you can use the placements to play too. Monae’s Speech House

13. Help these little ants find the food in the ant farm with these clever and cute ant farm mazes. Great for pre-writing practice and building logic and reasoning skills. Tot Schooling

14. Get crafty with this easy and fun egg carton ant craft. Your preschooler will love seeing their very own ant come to life as they put this one together. Ducks n a Row

15. Let your preschooler get up close and personal with how hard ants work to collect food. You’ll want to take this simple yet incredible A is for ant science experiment outside. But all you need is some honey and a spot in your yard with willing and able ants. To Be A Kid Again

16. Make learning the parts of an ant fun and practice some number recognition with this great printable body parts of an ant game. Squizzel Box

17. Take your preschooler on a pretend picnic as these cute little ants help them to learn their letters with this adorable alphabet ants letter formation activity. Life Over C’s

18. Help your preschooler practice their scissors skills as they help these sweet little ants get back to their ant hill with this free ants go walking cutting practice activity. KidSparkz

19. This cute a is for ant craft has all the things preschoolers love: googly eyes, painting, and even crumpled up tissue paper. They’ll be in craft heaven as they put together their own little ants. Create With Carol

20. Pull out a kid favorite and let your child’s imagination run free with this clever play dough invitation with ants. Stir The Wonder

21. If you love to do Montessori inspired trays then you’ll really love this roundup of Montessori inspired ant activities and printables that you can put together for your ant theme preschool shelf. Living Montessori Now

22. Re-enforce how the letter A looks with this cute and fun letter A is for ant letter formation craft. Supply Me

23. Pick yourself up some plastic ants and play this fun and simple ant-inspired basic subtraction math activity with your preschooler or kindergartner. Pre-Kinders

24. Practice simple patterning needed for kindergarten with these fun ant pattern strips. They include 84 different ant pattern strips to practice all kinds of patterns like AB, AAB, ABB, ABC, ABCD, AABB and ABAC. Frogs and Fairies

25. Print out this simple four piece ant puzzle from this set of free insect puzzles that match alongside the Safari Insects TOOB. Pinay Homeschooler Shop

26. This ant printable worksheets pack would be a great compliment to your ant theme preschool week. With 60 ant activities focused on essential preschool skills you’re sure to find something your preschooler will love. Gift of Curiosity

27. If your preschooler is already playing with LEGOS (my five year old is obsessed with them right now! lol) then they will love this LEGO ant life cycle activity idea. And if they aren’t ready for LEGOS then you might be able to replicate this with Duplos too. Stir the Wonder

28. Throw a little math into your ant unit and give your preschooler some counting practice with this cute and simple counting ants printable activity. Mrs. Jones Creation Station

29. This ant farm fine motor activity is really easy to put together and you probably already have all the supplies on hand. Plus it’s a great exercise for those little pincher grasps. The Inspired Treehouse

30. Put together an enticing ant science table for your preschooler to learn and explore everything there is to know about ants. Pocket of Preschool

31. This page has all sorts of great A is for ant activities that you can print out including ant themed printables to help re-enforce essential skills like size sorting, shape matching, and more. Confessions of a Homeschooler 

32. This funny ants in your pants craft is adorable to make and will have your preschooler laughing the whole time as they add ants to the pants with their little fingers. The Blooming Mind

33. Entertain and amuse your little preschooler with this adorable walking ant craft. Includes a template to make it easy to make. They’ll love watching this little guy bounce around. Kid’s Craft Room

34. Help your little one to practice their pre-writing skills as they help these little ants find food with these free ant mazes ranging in skill level depending on the age and level of your child. Gift of Curiosity

35. Give some ants a taste of some sweet colored sugar water and let your preschooler watch in fascination as their abdomens turn colors with this amazing colorful ant science experiment. Life With Moore Babies

36. Practice some basic preschool math as you and your preschooler have fun with this clever ant hill counting game. The first one to the end wins. Ducks N A Row

37. Your preschooler will absolutely love painting, gluing, and using pipe cleaners to make their own adorable ant out of a spoon with this spoon ant craft. 123Homeschool4Me

38. To round out your ant theme preschool unit here are some ant theme activities and printables great for preschoolers and kindergartners. KidSparkz 

39. Teach your toddler about counting while playing this fun little counting ants printable game. They’ll love counting all the ants eating your pretend food at your pretend picnic. Glued to My Crafts Blog

40. No ant theme preschool activities list would be complete without an ant farm! And while there are a lot of great ones on the market, here is a great DIY ant farm option you could try on the cheap too. Rule This Roost


Know of any other good ant theme preschool activities?

Be sure to share any other ant activities for preschoolers, toddlers, and even older children. I’d love to hear what you and your children have enjoyed doing during your ant unit. Drop a comment below to share! 🙂

Farm Preschool Activities

Farm Preschool Activities

If you’re doing a farm preschool theme for your toddler or preschooler, then you’re in for some major fun! I have a huge roundup of over thirty-five of the best farm activities for preschoolers and toddlers here.

Farm Preschool Activities

Farm Preschool Theme

Doing a farm preschool theme is probably my absolute favorite preschool theme so far. We did a farm unit last year with a bunch of great farm activities for kids and cute farm crafts that my kids loved. Now we are doing another farm preschool theme week (well, actually two weeks this time since it’s so much fun).

Last year when we did our farm theme I went ahead and purchased a few farm theme printable packs that looked really amazing from Sandbox Academy (52 activities), Turner Tots (10 activities), and Planning Playtime (16 activities and 15 worksheets). To me, this was worth it because the activities in these three bundles were good quality and had really fun and unique activities. Plus, I’ll be quickly and easily coming back to a lot of these same activities this year. But there are certainly a lot of great free stuff too!

So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite farm activities for preschoolers. You’ll find some of the activities from the three packs above that we’ll be using this year as well as a lot of other great free ones I’ve found too.

Farm Activities for Kids

So let’s get to the fun ideas for activities you can do with your toddler and preschooler to help teach them about different aspects of a farm.

1. Teach your child where we get our eggs, steak, and milk from with this educational farm animal products sorting activity. Hint: the answer isn’t from the store. 😉 Treasures for Thematic Teaching

2. Help your toddler learn how to take care of the animals on the farm with this adorable and fun feed the farm animals fine motor activity. All you need are pipe cleaners and some empty containers. Mama of Littles

3. Get a little messy (then clean) with this farm animal washing station that helps to promote scrubbing and washing skills in your preschooler. Coffee Cups and Crayons 

4. Practice logic and reasoning skills with this awesome Smart Farmer game from SmartGames. It takes some thinking so this would be good for your older preschooler or kindergartner, but it’s a great game for exercising logic. SmartGames

5. Challenge your preschooler with this simple and yet helpful Can You Build a Barn? craft stick preschool STEM skill building activity. Sandbox Academy

6. Get out your copy of the Big Red Barn, your red mega bloks and Little People farm animals and have your toddler try out this easy and fun Big Red Barn storytime STEAM activity. Preschool STEAM

7. If your preschooler is beginning to learn how to read or you’re wanting an activity to challenge your kindergartner too, then this farm CVC words activity will be a lot of fun for them. A Dab of Glue Will Do

8. Give your preschooler some practice counting while working on fine motor skills with this fun Sheer the Sheep counting game. You can also try this with your toddler but they might just need a little help. Turner Tots

9. Practice patterning in a fun-filled farm animal kind of way with these adorable farm animal pattern cards. Use little people farm animals as the final match to make it a little more challenging and hands-on. Stay at Home Educator

10. Have your preschooler match adorable baby animal figures (like these TOOB ones) with their animal mommies with this farm baby animal matching activity. No Time for Flashcards

11. Work on your preschooler’s number recognition with these free vegetable counting clip cards with numbers 1-10. Also includes versions with the number words written out for more advanced preschoolers or kindergartners. Kindergarten Worksheets and Games

12. Introduce another fun way to recognize and match patterns with this fun collect the eggs math activity. Lots of options for this one with my favorite being to match the right colored eggs to the right places in the carton. Turner Tots

13. If you have a preschooler who loves horses then they will love this horse trot shape activity where they can try to make their horse trot the same shape on the card they pick. So cute! Turner Tots

14. Learn to count the “muddy” way with this adorable pigs in the mud counting activity. Choose a card with a number on it and add that many pigs to your mud pile (playdoh or play mud). Planning Playtime

15. Get your preschooler’s wiggles out with this adorable down on the farm gross motor movement game. Roll like a pig in mud, gallop like a horse, and more. Modern Preschool

16. Practice valuable pre-writing skills while helping these adorable farm animals get back to the barn with these free farm tracing mats. Complete with all different styles of lines to trace and even a simple maze. Fluffy Tots

17. Practice beginning sounds farm style with this simple classic farm beginning sound match with magnetic letters activity. Great for re-enforcing letter sounds while staying on theme. Sandbox Academy

18. Let your toddler’s imagination roam with these fun free farm animal masks printables. Dress up like your favorite farm animals and act out life on the farm. Life Over C’s

19. Teach number recognition, counting, and responsibility as your toddler helps with this adorable and fun feed the farm animals sensory bin. Turner Tots

20. These adorable farm animal shape matching faces are just too cute. Perfect for teaching shapes and even colors while staying within your farm preschool theme. Three Busy Boys

21. Have your little farmer grow crops of letters with this too cute Planting the ABC’s vegetable garden activity. They’ll learn letter recognition, practice some fine motor skills, and have lots of fun. Turner Tots

22. If your preschooler is starting to learn reading readiness skills or you have a kindergartner you want to join in on the farm fun, why not try this free farm hayride syllable sorting activity. The Kindergarten Connection

23. Hone those mad fine motor skills with these cute farm animal lacing cards. You can use old shoelaces for this or you can pick up some lacing laces which are pretty much the perfect size. Sandbox Academy

24. Sneakily teach your toddler how to scrub and clean with this fun veggie scrubbing sensory water table. Not only will your toy vegetables be cleaner than ever, but they’ll be doing the dishes in no time. 😉 PreKinders

25. Teach your child about the differences and similarities between baby animals and adult animals with this farm animals mother and baby matching game. I love that you can match the pictures as well as the words. Little Bird Resources

26. Help your preschooler learn to recognize and spell their name with this fun Spell My Name with Farm Animals activity. Lots of ways you can do this activity depending on your preschooler’s level. Inspirational Laboratories

27. Practice letter recognition while covering a pig with pom pom “mud” with this cute Mud on the Pig letter recognition activity. Sandbox Academy

28. Have fun while building vocabulary with this adorable Barnyard Bingo game. Make it even more interesting by using some farm animal shaped erasers for bingo chips (like these). Practical Whimsy Co.

29. Create a super fun farm sensory table complete with a vegetable garden, pig stye, cow and horse pastures, farmhouse, and more by combining the two sensory bins from an Ikea Flistat table and a Little People farmhouse. It’s sure to please even the pickiest toddler. Learning for Littles

30. Put on a show to the tune of everyone’s favorite farm animal sing along with this adorable Old MacDonald Had a Farm finger puppet theater activity. Planning Playtime

31. Practice counting anywhere from 0-20 or use these adorable numbered farm animals for number matching and number recognition with your toddler. KidSparkz

32. If your preschooler is learning to read then have fun with practicing while playing these free farm CVC reading word games. Tot Schooling

33. Give your preschooler some essential scissor practice with these cute free farm cutting practice sheets. Lots of different options and skill levels in this pack. 123Homeschool4Me

34. Let your younger toddler explore this adorable and squishy DIY farm sensory discovery bag while also buiding vocabulary as you talk about the names of the different animals. Happy Toddler Playtime

35. Enjoy a sticky sensory experience in your farm preschool unit while talking about sheep on the farm with this cute sticky sheep pom pom activity. No Time for Flashcards

36. No farm activities for preschoolers list would be complete without an farm activity to practice milking a fake cow. So much fun and so much milky messiness. Mrs. Plemon’s Kindergarten

Have any other farm activities for preschoolers or toddlers?

I’d love to hear about any other farm activities for kids that you and your family love to do! Leave a comment below and let me know what kinds of activities that you like to use in your farm preschool theme unit.

Cat Activities for Kids

Cat Activities for Kids

Looking for cat activities for kids? Well look no further. Here you’ll find all kinds of activities, cat crafts for preschoolers, and cat games for kids. It’s all the cat-tastic fun you’ll need for your cat theme homeschool unit for toddlers to 3rd grade (with a few activities great for older kids too).

Cat Activities for Kids

For the past several months we’ve been doing weekly themed unit studies with my 2 and 5 year old. They are absolutely loving doing these. We went through several winter animals during the winter and then this Spring we’ve had a different Spring topic each week like seeds, rain, butterflies, bees, etc.

I love doing themed unit studies with my kids because I feel like they get so much more out of it and learn so much more about whatever topic it is. And the ideas are endless. It’s such a fun way for them to learn while having fun.

But in the midst of my awesome Spring unit study plans my 5 year old randomly requested to spend a week on a cat theme. Cats. Hey, who am I to hinder my child’s learning. If he wants to learn more about cats, then by golly we will learn all there is to know about cats. I’m not particularly interested in cats. I don’t dislike cats, but it’s just not an interest of mine. But hey, who knows, maybe he’ll be the greatest cat veterinarian who ever lived one day. I can’t stand in the way of that.

So I’m in the midst of planning a week of learning about cats. And even though it’s not the topic I would choose, this is one thing I LOVE about homeschooling. I love that I can tailor what we are learning about to my child’s interests.

Interest led learning is so important because when kids are interested in something they are so much more primed to learn. Plus, if they are showing an interest in something in particular, it might just be for a reason. They might be working on making some kind of connections in their minds and as a homeschool parent it’s important to take full advantage of those learning opportunities.

So cats it is.

As I was searching for cat themed activities, here’s a few good cat activities for kids that I came across. Most of them are great for toddlers through 1st grade. Plus a few of these are good for older kids too. So if you’re doing a mini unit on cats, I’ve got you covered. 😉

Cat Games and Activities for Kids

1. This adorable cat matching game can also be used as a memory game too. And the cat graphics are just too adorable with all different sized, shaped, and colored cats to enjoy. Sunny Day Family

2. Here is an entire pack of kawaii cat themed activities that covers a range of basic skill concepts for preschoolers such as cutting, counting, visual discrimination, and more.  Miniature Masterminds

3. Let the dogs make an appearance in your cat unit with this free cat and dog bingo game. Make it even more fun by using cat and dog shaped erasers (like these) for the bingo chips. The Inspirational Edit

4. Get creative with these fun printable cat activities and crafts. Among them include a Pete the Cat bingo game, step-by-step instructions for how kids can draw different cats, a square cat craft, and more. Printables Fairy

5. Pick up the Safari TOOB for Domestic Cats or Big Cats and match them with these three part cards for Domestic Cats or Big Cats. Montessori Nature

6. Have your preschooler practice their fine motor skills while helping these funny felines get their pipe cleaner whiskers back with this cat whiskers lacing activity. Your Therapy Source

7. Enjoy some pretend play as your preschooler helps to feed all of the cats with this simple DIY feed the cats activity. Source Unknown

8. Have your preschooler learn number recognition while practicing staying in the lines as they color this cute cat color by number page. My Teaching Station

9. These cute and playful LEGO cats are sure to please your older kids as you work your way through your cat unit. Includes full instructions for building your very own LEGO cat (or cats). Frugal Fun 4 Boys

10. Practice gluing with Pete the Cat in this simple free Pete the Cat gluing practice worksheet. You can even have your child add little buttons to match the colors of the buttons in the Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons book. And remember, just a dot to fill the spot! It’s all good! Dawn King

11. Get crafty while learning the letter C with this cute C is for Cat letter craft. It’s always a great time to talk about letters with your preschooler, even in the midst of themed unit studies. Meow! The Teaching Aunt

12. Practice sorting colors with your preschooler as you do this fun cat fish bowl color sorting activity. This pack also comes with lots of other fun pet activities too. Karen Cox

13. Teach all kinds of preschool concepts such as letter sounds, color words, shapes, counting, and more with this huge pack of versatile feed the cat activities. Your preschooler is sure to have fun with this one! Lodrew’s Hands-On Learning

14. Let your preschooler pick out their favorite coloring page from one of these many cat coloring pages. Then pick out your favorite and color them together. Super Coloring Pages

15. Pretend to be playful cats with these cute cat mask templates. Have all sorts of adventures that you think kitty cats have all day. And yes, cat naps must be included in the agenda. 😉 Itsy Bitsy Fun

16. Don’t let your preschooler have all the kitty cat fun. If you have older kids you can get more in depth on the science side of things with this cat body parts worksheet. ESL Printables

17. This printable cat activities pack has a wide range of adorable cat themed activities for toddlers through 3rd grade. Lots of great literacy and math activities in this one. Royal Baloo

18. Expand your cat themed activities to a full blown unit study for your older kids with this cat unit study pack. It includes things for handwriting, cat recognition, and learning lots of cat facts. 1Plus1Plus1Equals1

19. Exercise those mad visual discrimination and counting skills with this adorable I Spy Cats and Dogs printable. And if your little one loves I Spy games then try laminating this one to do it over and over again. And Next Comes L

20. Target specific skills while having loads of fun with this customizable create your own feed the cat activity. Simply write your own text on the fishes after downloading, print, and enjoy! Ms Gardenia’s Speech Room

21. Help your child practice their handwriting with this C is for cat handwriting pack. It includes six handwriting pages with cute cat graphics to set the kitty-cat-writing mood. 🙂 Only Passionate Curiosity

22. If your preschooler is ready, help them to practice number sense (or recognizing numbers in different representations) with this clever cat and mice number matching game. Math Skills 4 Kids

23. Have an older child that you want to include in on the cat-tivities? Why not give them this fun cat word search to do. They can work out those brain muscles as they admire the adorable cat playing with a yarn ball. Aww. Puzzles to Print

24. These simple and fun cat quantity puzzles will help your preschooler with number recognition, counting, and logic. Plus, they have cats on them! Eeeee. Prekautism

25. A beginning reader in the family will love this cute and educational printable cat emergent reader book. It introduces the very simple sight word “a” and also includes some writing practice sheets. Fluffy Tots

26. Have you had enough cats yet? I hope not! Because this free cat preschool pack has lots of great little printables including printables to focus on the letter C, patterning, colors, counting, and more. 1Plus1Plus1Equals1

27. Practice pre-writing skills as your child learns number recognition with this simple and yet effective cat connect the dots worksheet. Day Care Worksheets

28. Round out all the activities with a fun black tissue paper cat paper plate craft inspired by Eric Carle’s book, Have You Seen My Cat. It’s got everything a preschooler could want in a craft: cutting, gluing, pipe cleaners and sticky fingers! Plus…cats! Glued to My Crafts Blog


You asked for cat activities for kids!

And boy did I deliver for you. There’s plenty of fun cat theme activities here to last you for awhile. I know we’ll only be spending a week on cats and this is more than enough ideas for us to try. I hope you enjoy them too!

And if you need any more ideas for your cat theme like ideas for cat books, cat crafts for preschoolers, more cat printables, etc. then be sure to check out my other posts about cats here.

Did I miss any fun cat games for kids or other cat theme ideas? Let me know in the comments below your favorites!