Letter J Crafts for Preschool

Incorporating letter J crafts for preschool can really help to round out your letter of the week program. They are also a great way to re-enforce letter recognition and letter sounds through crafts that feature words starting with the letter J.

You and your child will have so much fun working on your favorite letter J preschool crafts from the list! There are sixteen crafts here that feature sixteen different letter J words.

Letter J Crafts for Preschoolers

Letter J Preschool Crafts for Letter Recognition

This selection of letter J crafts feature the shape of the letter J (uppercase or lowercase) so that you can help teach letter recognition as you craft with your preschooler.

1. When you think of J, what’s the first thing you think of? Why jellyfish of course! Well, maybe it’s different for you. But it’s the first thing that pops into my head at least. And this adorable wiggly pink letter J is for jellyfish craft will have your preschooler all wiggly and giggly. All About Learning Press

2. Develop a taste for the sweet life with this simple and yet fun J is for jellybeans letter J craft. Just be prepared for a case of the missing jellybeans when your little one discovers how yummy their craft tastes. The Kindergarten Connection

3. Take a ride on the wild side with this fun letter J is for jaguar craft. It’s orange and spotted with a long pipe cleaner tail. And it’s oh-so-cute (oops I mean scary — rawr). 😉 Kids Activities Blog

4. Let your child’s imagination take flight with this cute letter J is for jet craft. Not only is it cute, but it comes with a template to make your life easier! Yay! My Teaching Station

5. Give your day some sparkle and pizzazz with this simple and fun letter J is for jewels craft. This would be great for gluing practice if you’re brave enough, or opt for the sticky-backed jewels if not. Don’t worry, I get it. 😉 School Time Snippets

6. This unique J is for juice craft comes with a printable template and it’s oh-so-refreshing! Your preschooler will love assembling and pretending to drink their letter J glass of juice. A Little Pinch of Perfect

7. If your preschooler is into vehicles, then they’ll love this adorable J is for jeep craft made with craft foam. It comes with a template so they can help make the jeep out of foam (depending on their cutting and gluing skill levels). Our Kid Things

8. Has your child ever seen someone juggle? If so, they will love this sweet juggling J is for juggle craft. While you do this one, sneak in a lesson about shapes by talking about what shape the balls are. Imaxinaria


Other Letter J Crafts for Preschool

This selection of letter J crafts features crafts for things that start with the letter J. These are great to help talk about the letter J sound as you craft as well as helping your child to associate the letter with an actual word.

1. If your child loves big cats, then allow them work out their imaginations as they express their creativity with these adorable jaguar paper plate masks. They’ll have a roaring good time! JDaniel4’s Mom

2. Get some gluing practice in as your preschooler decorates these adorable little jackets in this jacket paper pasting craft. Let them choose the colors they love best as they decorate their J is for jacket craft. The Teaching Aunt

3. Have your preschooler help to make “lunch” with this super simple but oh-so-cute paper jam (or jelly) sandwich craft. Just make sure they don’t really try to eat this one like the jellybeans! Fun Family Crafts

4. Need some giggles? This colorful and bouncy Jack-in-the-box craft will have your preschooler smiling from ear to ear. Teachable Moments

5. You’d be just about the coolest mom on the block if you let your child help you build this awesome DIY jungle jeep from a cardboard box to play with. Adventures and Play

6. Make a craft and then burn some energy with this colorful DIY jump rope made from straws. This also doubles as a great fine motor activity and if you let your child help you cut the straws great cutting practice too! And Next Comes L

7. It’s always a good time to share the good news of Jesus with your children. Take a crafty moment to talk about the birth of Jesus and what that means for us with this adorable printable baby Jesus in manger craft. Kids Craft Room

8. Get out of this world with this creative Jupiter mosaic craft made with beans. It’s a great opportunity to talk about the planets and what makes Jupiter in particular so cool. The Crafty Classroom


Enjoy These Letter J Preschool Crafts!

I hope you enjoyed this list of letter J crafts for preschoolers! If I missed any good ones be sure to share them in the comment. And let me know which ones you and your child tries and loves.