Frog Activities for Preschool

Frog Activities for Preschool

Here I have rounded up over 45 frog activities for preschool, kindergarten, and other young children that will make your frog theme unit for homeschool so much fun while being educational at the same time.

Frog Activities for Preschool

Frog Theme Unit Homeschool Ideas

Are you doing a frog theme with your child for homeschool? They can be so much fun! Especially when you pair some cute and educational frog books with these fun frog activities for preschool.

I’ve also included some great frog activities for other young elementary children too. You and your child are going to have a great time learning about frogs with these frog games, printables, and activities for kids.

Frog Activities for Preschool and Young Kids

Let’s get to the list! I’ve rounded up a wide variety of frog activities that will go great with any frog theme.

These activities include things to help learn about literacy, writing, sensory, math, essential preschool skills, fine motor skills, and gross motor frog games for kids.

There are worksheets, activities, games, and more here for you to choose from. You’re sure to find something here you and your child will love.

1. Learn about where frogs live while exploring through sensory play with this fun and colorful frog pond habitat sensory bin. Life Over C’s

2. Teach your preschooler about their letters, numbers and shapes in a froggy fun way with this adorable pond frogs activity bundle. Laughing and Learning

3. Forget painting with a paintbrush, let your kiddo have some extra fun painting with these clever and messy golf ball painted frog puppets. Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

4. Act like frogs in search of their dinner with this clever sticky frog tongue craft. Kids Activities Blog

5. Let your preschooler practice their writing while down at the pond with this frog letter writing practice tray. Mrs. Plemons’ Kindergarten

6. Take a snack break while learning about the frog life cycle with this edible frog life cycle snack. Teach Beside Me

7. Teach math, literacy, and writing with fun frog activities in this pond preschool pack. Busy Hands and Minds

8. Enhance your preschooler’s play dough play by inviting them to learn about frogs as they play with these frog pond play dough printables. Life Over C’s

9. If you need some good worksheets to go along with your frog theme week for your preschooler, then these pond printables for preschool are a great addition to your frog unit. Free Homeschool Deals

10. Let your preschooler enjoy some sensory play as they learn about frogs with this fun and engaging frog life cycle water bead sensory bin. Views From a Step Stool

11. Teach your child about graphing and visual discrimination in a fun way with this frog race graphing game. Simple Fun for Kids

12. Mix together a little bit of science, a dash of sensory play and even a pinch of art as you make these slime lily pads for your toy frogs. The Kindergarten Connection

13. Invite your preschooler to the world of slimy green frogs with this frog sensory play invitation tray. Let their imaginations run wild. Teaching Mama

14. Teach your child valuable math and literacy skills while staying within the frog theme with these clever and fun pond life math & literacy printables. Karen Cox

15. Practice uppercase and lowercase letter recognition with this adorable frogs and flies alphabet match game. The Classroom Creative

16. Get crafty as you do this simple and clever frog footprints sponge painting with your preschooler.

17. Give your child the opportunity to practice number recognition in multiple representations while exercising their one-to-one correspondence with this frog roll and cover game. Preschool Play

18. Learn about the life cycle of a frog in a tasty and colorful way with this life cycle of a frog craft activity. The Inspiration Edit

19. Teach your preschooler about shapes, practice some early reading and work on the fine motor skill of coloring in the lines with this color by shape frog worksheet. Mrs. Plemons’ Kindergarten

20. Here’s another fun way to teach your child about the life cycle of a frog. If they love puzzles then they will have so much fun with this 5 layer life cycle of a frog Montessori inspired puzzle. Onshine

21. Help your little one get some wiggles out while learning about measuring with this frog jump and measure gross motor math activity. Coffee Cups and Crayons

22. Practice counting in a fun way with this frog themed frog eggs counting activity. Planning Playtime

23. Get messy, sticky, and green with this gelatin swamp sensory tub play activity. Rescue the swamp animals from the goo! No Time for Flashcards

24. If your preschooler loves LEGO Duplos then they will have a ball doing this LEGO Duplo frog build with you. Frugal Fun 4 Boys

25. Round out your frog theme preschool unit with this fun selection of frog theme activities and free printables including songs, rhymes, and activity packs. KidSparkz

26. Teach your child about math and comparing numbers with this unique and adorable frog balance math game. Inpher

27. Inspire creativity and imaginative play with this versatile and fun frog pond play dough activity. Pre-K Pages

28. Review the frog life cycle while assembling this cute frog life cycle printable puzzle with your preschooler. Views From a Step Stool

29. Help your child practice the skill of following directions while also learning about positional words with this cute “Where’s Froggy?” positional concepts activity. Speech Sprouts Therapy

30. Teach your preschooler about patterning while staying on frog theme with these cute frog patterns math worksheets. Paula’s Primary Classroom

31. Practice valuable fine motor skills with this simple and yet always-a-hit feed the frog fine motor activity. Therapy Fun Zone

32. Measure how high the frogs are jumping using Unifix cubes with this frog jump measurement activity. Planning Playtime

33. Teach your preschooler about their shapes, help them practice their pre-writing skills, and giggle over this frog I spy a shape game. Pocket of Preschool

34. Help your child learn about their colors as they help these frogs find their lunch with this color matching frogs game. The Kindergarten Connection

35. If you have an older child who is doing the frog unit with you or your preschooler is advanced at math, then this lily pad math subtraction activity will be a fun addition to your frog theme. No Time for Flashcards

36. Pick up some frog life cycle figurines and use them with these frog life cycle 3-part cards with definitions to help teach your child about the life cycle of frogs. Montessori 123

37. Teach your little early reader about blending with this cute and fun frog hop phonics blending game. Rainy Day Mum

38. Help your preschooler to practice following directions while learning about positional words with this prepositions where questions game. Speech Sprouts

39. Practice counting while getting out some energy and acting like frogs with this simple yet fun lily pad number hop activity. Toddler Approved

40. Work on those valuable pre-writing skills while helping these froggy friends get to their destination with this fun spring frogs tracing activity. Fluffy Tots

41. If your child is old enough to do LEGOS then this adorable LEGO frog build will be a lot of fun for them to do during your frog theme unit. Re-brick-able

42. Help your preschooler practice their shapes with these cute frog shaped lily pad matching game shape mats. File Folder Heaven

43. Teach your child about addition in a fun and interactive way with this frogs n’ flies spin and add game. Preschool Play

44. Practice another essential preschool skill gone froggy with this simple and interactive frog color sort activity. Child Care Land

45. Practice counting with your preschooler with this versatile and fun frog lily pad counting activity. Early Learning Ideas

46. Have fun and exercise some gross motor skills with this creative frog toss game for kids. Little Family Fun

47. Teach your child how to see shapes in real life with this educational and colorful frogs in the pond shape match activity. Frogs and Fairies

48. Finish out your frog theme week with this super fun and adorable frog pond sensory bin that your little one is sure to enjoy! Pre-K Pages

Enjoy These Frog Activities and Games for Kids!

To put together your own frog unit, simply round up the frog activities you want to use with in your frog theme and then pick up a variety of fiction and non-fiction frog picture books to go along with them.

By doing this you’ll have put together a really fun and educational frog theme for your child’s homeschool. Enjoy!

Did I miss any other great frog activities for preschool? Be sure to share your favorites in the comments below.