Free Letter J Printable Do a Dot Pages

Need a letter J printable to go with your preschooler’s letter of the week activities for the letter J? Here are some letter J free printable do a dot pages for you. The free letter J do a dot printables come in eight variations including uppercase and lowercase, color and black & white, and pages with and without writing practice areas.

Free Letter J Printable Do a Dot Pages

Letter J Free Printable Do a Dot Pages

These adorable letter J do a dot printable pages are so versatile! Don’t think you can only use dab markers with them. Although those are great too, there are so many other ways you can use these kinds of pages to help teach the letter J, one-to-one correspondence, and even practice fine-motor skills!

Letter J Printable Dot Page With Do-a-Dot Markers

You can of course use this printable J dot page with do-a-dot markers. These ones are my favorites and include great colors. Using these pages with do-a-dot markers or bingo daubers is a great way to help children learn one-to-one correspondence and practice fine motor skills. Plus, they love it! Which is always a bonus. 🙂

Letter J Do a Dot Printable As a Full Worksheet

You could take your letter J printable dot page and turn it into a full-fledged worksheet with the black-and-white option that includes the letter tracing section. This gives your child three different activities to do: do-a-dot markers, coloring (I love these triangular crayons for promoting the pincher grasp), and handwriting practice.

Letter J Dot Page With Paint & Q-Tips

If your children aren’t big on coloring (I have one of those), then another option for the letter J do a dot printable is to let them use acrylic paint or washable paint to paint the dots with a q-tip or cotton ball. I love the q-tip idea more than using a cotton ball because they have more control over the paint. Also it gives them an excellent fine motor activity to try to stay in the lines of the dot with the q-tip.

Letter J Printable Dot Page With Play Dough Balls

You could also stick your worksheet into one of these awesome dry-erase pockets. No laminating necessary! And they come in so many colors so you can color-coordinate if you’re focusing on a particular color for the week or just a little bit OCD like me! 🙂

After you stick them in the pocket you can do really anything you could with a laminated sheet. But one great idea is to have your child place balls of play dough into each dot. This is an excellent fine motor activity and kids always love playing with play dough.

And if you’re wondering about those miniature tubs of play dough, you can grab them here. They are the perfect size for these little activities and come in SO MANY colors. I keep them in a separate place away from our regular play dough and pull them out for activities like this. That way they don’t get mixed together or dried out.

Letter J Do a Dot Page With Counting Chips

Another option is to go ahead and laminate your letter J printable dot page for durability and longevity. Then you can extend the activities even further. As an example you can  have your child place colored counting chips on each dot. It’s another great option for one-to-one correspondence and fine motor practice.

Letter J Dot Page With Pom Poms

If you don’t have do-a-dot markers, or play dough that isn’t dried out, or counting chips, there are still lots of things you can use with your letter J do a dot printable. One thing that you more than likely have on hand (if you’re a parent) is pom poms! And these are the perfect size for using with dot pages. Simply have your child move the pom pom from a cup or bowl to the page. You can make it even more challenging (if desired) by having them use tongs to move the pom poms too!

Grab Your Letter J Free Printable Do a Dot Pages

Now that you’re loaded up with ideas on how to use the free letter J printable with your child, let’s get to it! Click the button below to download, print, laminate (if desired), and enjoy!

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