Free Letter M Printable Do a Dot Pages

Today I have a free letter M printable for you. They are letter M free printable do a dot pages. This freebie comes in eight variations including uppercase, lowercase, color, black and white, and I’ve also included a tracing and non-tracing version for if your preschooler (or kindergartner) is learning to write. Learn more about different ways you can use it and then grab your free letter M do a dot printable at the bottom of this post.

Free Letter M Printable Do a Dot Pages

Letter M Do a Dot Printable Pages

Do a dot pages are great because they can be used for so many different activities with your preschooler. While you might think that you can only use them with do a dot markers, that’s just not true. There are a lot of ways to use them to keep them fun and interesting for your toddler and preschooler.

Below I’m going to show you just a few of the fun ways you can use your letter M do a dot printable. Then you can download yours at the end of the post and enjoy!

Letter M Printable With Dot Stickers

Usually I start off by by showing you how you can always remember to use these pages with do a dot markers. But I don’t have a brown one (I have these ones). Although I now have my eye on these dot markers because they come in more colors. Or even these ones because I love the metallic colors included with them.

But since I don’t have brown dot markers right now, instead I’ll first show you how you can use this letter M do a dot printable with dot stickers. They come in all kinds of colors, just make sure you get the 3/4″ ones and they’ll fit great with these dot pages. This is a great way to use the pages because kids LOVE stickers and it takes some fine motor practice to line them up just right with each dot.

Letter M Printable With Pom Poms

Another way you can use your letter M is for Monkey printable is with brown pom poms. I found these great ones at Michael’s that come in all kinds of sizes and textures but I couldn’t find a link to them. But either way pom poms are great for fine motor grabbing as well as one-to-one correspondence. Plus, like with the other dot a dot activities they are learning the formation of the letter (in this case the letter M).

And remember as with any of these dot page activities you can use these handy dry erase pockets if you don’t want to laminate them. They’re great to have on hand.

Letter M Printable With Dry Erase Markers

The last way I want to show you how to use your letter M printable is with dry erase markers. Whether you use them in dry erase pockets or by laminating them, this is a great way to allow your child to color them while still being able to re-use the page for something else. They come in a lot of great colors and kids always get a kick out of erasing them when they’re done.

Download Your Letter M Free Printable Do a Dot Pages

Now you have several neat ideas for how to use your M is for Monkey printable dot pages with your toddler or preschooler. There are lots of awesome ways to use them that will help to not only teach your child the letter but also help them work on fine motor skills and other valuable skills they need when they get to Kindergarten and beyond.

To grab your dot pages just click the button below to download them, print them out, laminate (if desired), and enjoy!

To get your free printable, CLICK HERE

Are you working on the letter M for your preschooler’s letter of the week program? If so, be sure to check out my other letter M resources and printables here that you can use in your letter of the week activists with your preschooler.

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