Farm Preschool Activities

Farm Preschool Activities

If you’re doing a farm preschool theme for your toddler or preschooler, then you’re in for some major fun! I have a huge roundup of over thirty-five of the best farm activities for preschoolers and toddlers here.

Farm Preschool Activities

Farm Preschool Theme

Doing a farm preschool theme is probably my absolute favorite preschool theme so far. We did a farm unit last year with a bunch of great farm activities for kids and cute farm crafts that my kids loved. Now we are doing another farm preschool theme week (well, actually two weeks this time since it’s so much fun).

Last year when we did our farm theme I went ahead and purchased a few farm theme printable packs that looked really amazing from Sandbox Academy (52 activities), Turner Tots (10 activities), and Planning Playtime (16 activities and 15 worksheets). To me, this was worth it because the activities in these three bundles were good quality and had really fun and unique activities. Plus, I’ll be quickly and easily coming back to a lot of these same activities this year. But there are certainly a lot of great free stuff too!

So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite farm activities for preschoolers. You’ll find some of the activities from the three packs above that we’ll be using this year as well as a lot of other great free ones I’ve found too.

Farm Activities for Kids

So let’s get to the fun ideas for activities you can do with your toddler and preschooler to help teach them about different aspects of a farm.

1. Teach your child where we get our eggs, steak, and milk from with this educational farm animal products sorting activity. Hint: the answer isn’t from the store. 😉 Treasures for Thematic Teaching

2. Help your toddler learn how to take care of the animals on the farm with this adorable and fun feed the farm animals fine motor activity. All you need are pipe cleaners and some empty containers. Mama of Littles

3. Get a little messy (then clean) with this farm animal washing station that helps to promote scrubbing and washing skills in your preschooler. Coffee Cups and Crayons 

4. Practice logic and reasoning skills with this awesome Smart Farmer game from SmartGames. It takes some thinking so this would be good for your older preschooler or kindergartner, but it’s a great game for exercising logic. SmartGames

5. Challenge your preschooler with this simple and yet helpful Can You Build a Barn? craft stick preschool STEM skill building activity. Sandbox Academy

6. Get out your copy of the Big Red Barn, your red mega bloks and Little People farm animals and have your toddler try out this easy and fun Big Red Barn storytime STEAM activity. Preschool STEAM

7. If your preschooler is beginning to learn how to read or you’re wanting an activity to challenge your kindergartner too, then this farm CVC words activity will be a lot of fun for them. A Dab of Glue Will Do

8. Give your preschooler some practice counting while working on fine motor skills with this fun Sheer the Sheep counting game. You can also try this with your toddler but they might just need a little help. Turner Tots

9. Practice patterning in a fun-filled farm animal kind of way with these adorable farm animal pattern cards. Use little people farm animals as the final match to make it a little more challenging and hands-on. Stay at Home Educator

10. Have your preschooler match adorable baby animal figures (like these TOOB ones) with their animal mommies with this farm baby animal matching activity. No Time for Flashcards

11. Work on your preschooler’s number recognition with these free vegetable counting clip cards with numbers 1-10. Also includes versions with the number words written out for more advanced preschoolers or kindergartners. Kindergarten Worksheets and Games

12. Introduce another fun way to recognize and match patterns with this fun collect the eggs math activity. Lots of options for this one with my favorite being to match the right colored eggs to the right places in the carton. Turner Tots

13. If you have a preschooler who loves horses then they will love this horse trot shape activity where they can try to make their horse trot the same shape on the card they pick. So cute! Turner Tots

14. Learn to count the “muddy” way with this adorable pigs in the mud counting activity. Choose a card with a number on it and add that many pigs to your mud pile (playdoh or play mud). Planning Playtime

15. Get your preschooler’s wiggles out with this adorable down on the farm gross motor movement game. Roll like a pig in mud, gallop like a horse, and more. Modern Preschool

16. Practice valuable pre-writing skills while helping these adorable farm animals get back to the barn with these free farm tracing mats. Complete with all different styles of lines to trace and even a simple maze. Fluffy Tots

17. Practice beginning sounds farm style with this simple classic farm beginning sound match with magnetic letters activity. Great for re-enforcing letter sounds while staying on theme. Sandbox Academy

18. Let your toddler’s imagination roam with these fun free farm animal masks printables. Dress up like your favorite farm animals and act out life on the farm. Life Over C’s

19. Teach number recognition, counting, and responsibility as your toddler helps with this adorable and fun feed the farm animals sensory bin. Turner Tots

20. These adorable farm animal shape matching faces are just too cute. Perfect for teaching shapes and even colors while staying within your farm preschool theme. Three Busy Boys

21. Have your little farmer grow crops of letters with this too cute Planting the ABC’s vegetable garden activity. They’ll learn letter recognition, practice some fine motor skills, and have lots of fun. Turner Tots

22. If your preschooler is starting to learn reading readiness skills or you have a kindergartner you want to join in on the farm fun, why not try this free farm hayride syllable sorting activity. The Kindergarten Connection

23. Hone those mad fine motor skills with these cute farm animal lacing cards. You can use old shoelaces for this or you can pick up some lacing laces which are pretty much the perfect size. Sandbox Academy

24. Sneakily teach your toddler how to scrub and clean with this fun veggie scrubbing sensory water table. Not only will your toy vegetables be cleaner than ever, but they’ll be doing the dishes in no time. 😉 PreKinders

25. Teach your child about the differences and similarities between baby animals and adult animals with this farm animals mother and baby matching game. I love that you can match the pictures as well as the words. Little Bird Resources

26. Help your preschooler learn to recognize and spell their name with this fun Spell My Name with Farm Animals activity. Lots of ways you can do this activity depending on your preschooler’s level. Inspirational Laboratories

27. Practice letter recognition while covering a pig with pom pom “mud” with this cute Mud on the Pig letter recognition activity. Sandbox Academy

28. Have fun while building vocabulary with this adorable Barnyard Bingo game. Make it even more interesting by using some farm animal shaped erasers for bingo chips (like these). Practical Whimsy Co.

29. Create a super fun farm sensory table complete with a vegetable garden, pig stye, cow and horse pastures, farmhouse, and more by combining the two sensory bins from an Ikea Flistat table and a Little People farmhouse. It’s sure to please even the pickiest toddler. Learning for Littles

30. Put on a show to the tune of everyone’s favorite farm animal sing along with this adorable Old MacDonald Had a Farm finger puppet theater activity. Planning Playtime

31. Practice counting anywhere from 0-20 or use these adorable numbered farm animals for number matching and number recognition with your toddler. KidSparkz

32. If your preschooler is learning to read then have fun with practicing while playing these free farm CVC reading word games. Tot Schooling

33. Give your preschooler some essential scissor practice with these cute free farm cutting practice sheets. Lots of different options and skill levels in this pack. 123Homeschool4Me

34. Let your younger toddler explore this adorable and squishy DIY farm sensory discovery bag while also buiding vocabulary as you talk about the names of the different animals. Happy Toddler Playtime

35. Enjoy a sticky sensory experience in your farm preschool unit while talking about sheep on the farm with this cute sticky sheep pom pom activity. No Time for Flashcards

36. No farm activities for preschoolers list would be complete without an farm activity to practice milking a fake cow. So much fun and so much milky messiness. Mrs. Plemon’s Kindergarten

Have any other farm activities for preschoolers or toddlers?

I’d love to hear about any other farm activities for kids that you and your family love to do! Leave a comment below and let me know what kinds of activities that you like to use in your farm preschool theme unit.