Free Letter I Printable Do a Dot Pages

Free Letter I Printable Do a Dot Pages

Today I have some letter I free printable do a dot pages that will pair perfectly with your letter of the week program for the letter I. These letter I printable worksheets come in eight variations with uppercase, lowercase, black and white and color and even some options for writing practice too.

Scroll down for some ideas on how to use the letter I do a dot printable beyond do a dot markers and then download yours at the bottom of this post.

Free Letter I Printable Do a Dot Pages

Letter I Do a Dot Printable Pages

Teaching letter formation with your child is important information for your child as they begin their journey towards reading and writing. And do a dot pages are great for teaching letter recognition because they allow the child to follow the lines of the letter as they fill the dots.

But the great thing about do a dot pages it that you can use more than just dot markers with them. I love dot markers and so do toddlers and preschoolers. But if you want to make things more interesting and throw in a bit of variety as you work through these do a dot pages, then there are lot of other ways to use these do a dot pages too.

Below I’ll share just a few ways that you can use your letter I is for Igloo printable dot pages and then you can scroll to the bottom to grab your dot pages to print.

Letter I Printable With Do a Dot Markers

While you don’t have to use do a dot markers, I always like to start here because they’re just plain fun for kids. They come in a lot of different colors like rainbow, ultra bright, brilliant, and even shimmery options. There are other brands that sell them too in even more colors like these, these, or these. So if you stock yourself up on a variety of these then your preschooler will have a ball using them for their dot pages and even other craft projects too.

Letter I Printable With Play Dough

Another fun way that you can use these is with play dough. I love these little play dough tubs, they’re just the right size. Just laminate the page or stick them in a dry erase pocket and you’re good to go. Have your preschooler form the play dough into little balls and place them on each of the dots. This is not only fun for them but great for practicing one-to-one correspondence and vital fine motor skills.

Letter I Printable With Crayons

If your preschooler loves to color then you could always use the letter I do a dot printable as simply a coloring page. Have them practice staying in the lines as they color and now it’s a great fine motor exercise. As they work on coloring the page talk about the letter I, the sound it makes, and what words start with the letter I too (like I is for Igloo).

Letter I Printable With Glass Gems

The last way I want to show you how to use this letter I printable dot page today is with glass gems. These are often used for vase fillers but they are the perfect size (3/4″) for dot pages and really fascinating to kids. They come in all sorts of colors too. You can often find some at the Dollar Tree, but if they don’t have the color you’re looking for, you can find a lot of great colors online too (like red, yellow, green, gold, silver, and more). Just be sure to get the 3/4″ ones.

Download Your Letter I Free Printable Do a Dot Pages

Now that you have several ideas for how to use these free I is for Igloo printable dot pages, you’re ready to download. Keep in mind there are a lot of other great ways that you can use these pages. Just keep it light and fun and exciting and your child will learn while they’re having fun.

Download your letter I printable do a dot pages by clicking the button below. Then just print and laminate them if you’d like. Enjoy!

To get your free printable, CLICK HERE

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