Free Letter B Printable Do a Dot Pages

Free Letter B Printable Do a Dot Pages

Looking for a letter B printable worksheet to use with your preschooler’s letter of the week? I have a fun B is for Bee do a dot printable for you today. It’s some letter B dot pages that are great for teaching letter recognition and re-enforcing other critical preschool skills. This set of letter B free printable do a dot pages includes uppercase, lowercase, color, black and white, and even options for practicing handwriting skills too.

Continue reading for some fun ideas on how to use the pages with your preschooler and then you can grab yours at the bottom of this post.

Free Letter B Printable Do a Dot Pages

Letter B Do a Dot Printable Pages

Teaching the letters of the alphabet to your preschooler can be a lot of fun with the help of the right ideas, activities, and printables. And do a dot printables are a fun way to easily incorporate a simple letter B activity into your letter of the week. They are easy to setup and don’t get too messy (usually).

But do a dot pages aren’t just for using with dot markers! No, there are so many wonderful and fun ways that you can use these pages with your preschooler. And in this post I’d like to show you a few different ways you can use this letter B printable worksheet with your child.

Letter B Printable With Do a Dot Markers

The first way that you can use this letter B do a dot printable is with dot markers. I know I said I would share other ways to use it and I’ll get there. But you also just can’t go wrong with dot markers. So I wanted to start here. They can be a lot of fun for kids to use and come in a lot of different colors. If you print out the black and white version of the worksheet with the word tracing area then you can extend the activity to have them color the page with triangular crayons for practicing pincher grasp, and then trace the letters with a marker or pencil.

Letter B Printable With Glass Gems

Another way that you can use this adorable B is for Bee dot page is with glass gems. These come in lots of different colors. In this case I used yellow glass gems to kind of represent honeycomb or pollen. You can also get them from the dollar store in several different colors. Although if you can’t find the right color there then you can also find all sorts of colors on Amazon too. These are fun for kids to use and a different kind of way that you can use these pages.

If you don’t want to laminate your dot page then stick it in a dry erase pocket and you can even take the opportunity to pull out your dry erase markers and give your preschooler a little handwriting practice too.

Letter B Printable With Dot Stickers

If your preschooler loves stickers and you want to keep clean up to a minimum then using dot stickers with these letter B do a dot pages is also a lot of fun for kids. Not only does it help to teach them the shape and form of the letter B, but it also is great fine motor practice as they remove the sticker from the sheet and carefully place them on each dot.

Letter B Printable With Mini Bee Shaped Erasers

Another really cute and fun idea is to use these letter B do a dot pages with mini shaped erasers! For this letter B is for Bee dot page little bee shaped erasers are perfect. Kids love these things and they are another great way to practice fine motor skills. If you get the mini erasers that are about 3/4″ in diameter then they will fit best with these worksheets. So fun!

Grab Your Letter B Free Printable Do a Dot Pages

Are you ready to try out some of these fun ideas with your preschooler to help them learn about the letter B? There are lot of fun ways that you can use these letter B printable dot pages to teach letter recognition, fine motor skills, and one-to-one correspondence. Just have fun with it.

To download your letter B do a dot printable pages click the button below. Then simply print, laminate, and enjoy!

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